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Hi all, Is there any solution/option to enter supersets?? I can’t find the option in either Single Movements / Multiple Movements, and would have thought this to be quite common for many people’s training. If not, could we add this as an option entering Single Movements, e.g. tick box in Single Movements for ‘Superset’ which then just creates another entry part for a separate movement? Thank you, Tom

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The same on this also applies to Complexes, where we can add complexes without a time.

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+1. Entering anything with complexes or supersets is very tedious and that's all I do these days.

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Related and maybe a little picky, but I think overall there could be a much less clunky option for logging lifting only workouts as one workout instead of logging "Snatch 1-1-1-1-1" and "C&J 1-1-1-1-1" and squats and accessories and pulls all as separate workouts when they were done as part of the same session on the same day. I remember there used to be an option for this years ago, would like to see it come back with some improvements.

And a dedicated option for adding complexes and supersets would definitely make my life easier.

They could really use this feature. I asked about it years ago but it has never been implemented. There is the ability to plan a weightlifting workout but not just log one. So if you go to "plan --> build a workout --> multiple movements --> weightlifting sets" then you can put in multiple movements into one workout. The limitation here is that you can only do the same number of sets for each movement. So if you do 5 sets of squat and 3 sets of bench the only solution is to start with 5 sets of both and then log set 4 and 5 of bench as 0 lbs and 0 reps. Or I guess you could do 1000 lbs and 0 reps :-)

Super sets, complexes, and multiple numbers of sets per workout would be a very simple addition and much appreciated.

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