Creating and Inviting people to your squad is now super easy. Once you ope up your app, from the front page, select "Squads". This will bring you to your Gyms Squad and the squads you have created. You can create a squad and invite ANYONE to your squad.

Select the "+" button on the top right hand corner and name you squad.


You can also add a profile picture to your squad. Then hit "Create Squad".


Your squad has now been created and added to your squad list. Your Settings page will open up and here is where you can turn your Push Notifications on or off, edit your squad info, leave squad and most importantly this is the page you will find your Invite link. To copy this link just simply select the link.

This link is ready to share! Share this link with anyone.


If they do not have BTWB, they will be taken to a sign up page, if they do have a membership with BTWB, they will be prompted to log into the website, and they will then be placed in your squad.