Important Notes about Fitness Levels:

  • There is a specific list of Workouts and Movements that are used in calculating your Fitness Level. These workouts must be done as Rx’d (not modified) in order to receive a level for that workout. If you don’t have any qualifying results for a category, you won’t have a level for that category. You will find the workouts in their specific category. Below you will see the Light category, just scroll down to find all the Light category WODs.

  • Modified workouts do not receive a level. At this point, there is no acceptable method for comparing differently scaled workouts (that doesn’t mean we haven’t been trying, or that we’re giving up…)

  • Modified workout results are all put below Rx’d results when calculating levels. It’s a standard practice across our community that someone who completes a workout Rx’d automatically beats someone who scales, even though sometimes the scaled time might be considered a better performance. We realize this is not always true, but looking through the data, we discovered the exceptions were pretty rare and not statistically significant.
  • We only consider your best score/time/lift over the Last 6 Months. We don’t look at your awesome Fran from 4 years ago, because it doesn’t tell us very much about what you are capable of currently. Conversely, if you are sick, having a bad day, taking it easy, etc., we will not hold that against you. As long as you have a better performance on that workout/lift in the last 6 months, your level will not go down. You will have a little time to redeem yourself while that older result is still within the 6 month window.
  • We automatically pull in Power Lifts and Olympic Lifts from lifting workouts, so you don’t have to do a specific 1RM workout to get credit. We also pull in run and row intervals (e.g. 4 x 400m runs) if they are your fastest, and use them for your Speed and Endurance Categories.
  • Fitness Level updates after each logged score.
  • By drilling down to the Category Pages (Analyze > Fitness Level > Bodyweight, e.g.) you can see all the workouts that count for that category, and which one you have done in the last 6 months. (See first image above)