Scroll down to "Leaderboards" on your home screen.


Select the Leaderboard you would like to view.


Once you have selected your leaderboard.

, you will see your gyms leaderboard.



We keep track of the top 20 results, for both men and women, at your gym for the most iconic CrossFit workouts out there. This list is automatically updated when members log results that happen to be PRs.

To view them, click on your personal drop-down menu in the top-right of the header and then on the "your gym" link.

Once you get to the gym page, you'll find the leaderboard links in the "Leaderboards" section in the column on the left-hand side. Click on the section you wish to view.

Each section will display the workouts associated with that section and the top 10 male and female results (all-time) for those workouts. Click on a different workout to view a new leaderboard.

We've designated the workouts that belong to each section. Currently, gyms will be unable to customize these lists.