First, you'll need an individual account under the "Main Site" gym association. Once that's set up and you're logged in, visit the Gyms page by going to "explore" in the header and clicking on "gyms" ( There is a section on the right side bar to create a new garage gym.

*Note: You must be in the Main Site gym in order to create a Garage Gym. If you are in a different gym, you must join the Main Site gym first. In order to join the Main Site gym, visit the How do I join my affiliate gym? page for instructions.

Garage gyms have the following limitation:

  • You may not use the CrossFit trademark in your gym's name

Otherwise you can do everything you'd do with an affiliate gym on beyond the whiteboard.

If you do affiliate in the future, just contact us and we can convert your garage gym to an affiliate on beyond the whiteboard.