After each workout post you make we will ask you if you wish to push your result to your personal Facebook or Twitter account. You may choose to publish the result or skip the thing entirely. If you choose to publish it, we will ask you to log into your Facebook/Twitter account. The result will appear on your "wall" like any other friendly post and will include the name of the workout, your result, and any notes you made abut the workout.

If you ever have any issues concerning Facebook or Twitter syncing try going to "edit settings" via your personal drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the header. You can unsync altogether or set it up so that the system always prompts you before posting to Facebook/Twitter, or posts to Facebook/Twitter automatically without asking.

Special notes: If gym admins are posting results for their clients, results can't be pushed to Facebook or Twitter. Each account is linked to an individual Facebook/Twitter account. So if someone wants their result to post to their Facebook/Twitter page they must do it from their own account.

Also, if you choose to edit a workout result after having already pushed it to Facebook/Twitter, the Facebook/Twitter post will not be updated accordingly. If you choose to skip pushing it to one of the social networking sites when first prompted, then change your mind, you can't go back and decide to push it to one of those sites. It can only be done upon creation of the workout result.