You can change your account's gym association any time by editing your profile.

For users who are not affiliated with a gym, they will create their account and be placed in our public "main site" gym.

If you later join a CrossFit affiliate, below are step by step instructions on how to connect your btwb account to your affiliate's page.

From The Full Website

First, Edit your profile

Second, click the Change your gym association link

Third, start typing in your gym's name in the text field and select the correct gym from the list. You will then prompted to enter your Member Code. Every Gym has a member code, this can be retrieved from your gym owner/coaches. Using the code, you'll be placed straight into your gym upon creating an account. If you do not know your member code, just select "send request" and your gym owner will need to accept your request manually instead.

From The Mobile App (iOS/Android)

Once you have joined your gym, you will begin to receive the WODs they assign on a daily basis, follow your gym's activity feed, engage with friends and get some friendly competition in ;)

Open up your app and side the side menu open and select your "Account Options"

Select Switch Gyms.

Type your new  gyms name in the box provided.

Once you have entered your gyms name, you will be prompted to enter the member code. Once you have entered the member code you will be placed into your gym. If you do not know the member code, you can submit a request to join and your gym owner/coach will have to accept your request. If you are joining a gym that has NOT yet been claimed by your gym owner, you will not need to enter a member code. You will be placed into your gym.