The Home Page (aka the Whiteboard) is our way of bringing each of the most important elements of Beyond The Whiteboard directly to you. You can handle pretty much everything you want to from this page. It was designed to simplify your experience on our site; it brings all of the important things from the site, your Daily WODs, your gym's recent activity, your lifestyle choices, your weigh-ins, and your personal movement modality break down, into one area for easy navigation.


From the apps home page you will be able to go straight to your:

- Total Workout Sessions

- Milestones

- Search Bar

- Logging

- Notifications

- Profile

- Today's WODs

- Squads

- Training Days

- Leadboards

- Fitness Level

- Imbalances

- Modalities

- Weight in's

- Lifestyle

- Max Lifts

- Coaching Programs

At the top of the home page in the Blue box you will be able to:

- View your workouts sessions and your new milestone goal. Once you have reached the current milestone, we will set you up with a new goal to reach ;)

- Select your profile picture which will take you to your Profile.

- Go straight to your Training days

- See how many months out of the year you have made it to Committed club


See this link to a blog of a summary of the "whiteboard".

You'll be able to access the Whiteboard via the orange BTWB logo in the top-left corner of the site, or the "whiteboard" link from your personal drop-down menu in the header.