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Weightlifting sets varying weights & complexes

I find it nearly impossible to log my weightlifting sessions.  Rarely do I complete complexes all at the same weight, but right now the only option in the weightlifting style is heaviest or percentage based across the board.  It's a real pain to go in and log every separate movement in a "for time" format.  

Suggestion:  Allow weightlifting complex option where you can group multiple movements into one "complex".  Then allow for varying weights in each set, with options of heaviest or percentage based for each set of the complex.  

Right now I have custom made some of my complexes as a single movement but obviously they don't get picked up by FL's and it's really frustrating entering everything.

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Please please please!

Yeah, I'm here because I programmed 2 complexes today at our gym and can't figure out out to enter it. The closest I got is in multiple movements, weightlifting sets. The problem with this is that it records your lift separate and not as a complex.

Hey BTWB, any updates on this request? I am seeing several threads where people are asking for the same thing.
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